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Tuurnt Referral Campaign

We are happy to announce our first incentives Referral Campaign! You will be able to earn 15% referral bonus. Here are the steps for the referral campaign:

1. The User 1 need to sign up for Tuurnt Token Sale on the official website

2. Once logged into his account, a unique code will be generated. User 1 can refer User 2 with his code.

3. User 1 will get 15% of what User 2 invested.

4. Example: if User 2 invested 1 ETH to purchase 4150 TRT, with the current Pre Token sale of 50% Bonus, he will get a total of 8300 TRT. As per User 1, he will get 15% of the initial investment of User 2: 4150 TRT x 15% = 623 TRT. User 1 get this referral bonus without actually investing any ETH.

5. All users will have a unique generated code, and can refer to as many users as they want, as long as the referral campaign still active.

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Tuurnt lets people pay you to party

Tuurnt is based on the concept of rent parties, parties folks used to hold to pay rent at the end of the month. The idea is simple: plan the party, announce a cost and let your friends chip in. Then you can, in the parlance, get tuurnt.

– John Biggs
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Earn Tokens for Hosting & Attending Events

Our goal at Tuurnt has always been to create a close-knit community of hosts and partygoers. Now that we have accomplished this goal, we would like to expand our community by introducing the Tuurnt Token (TRT) into the platform.

TRT will empower the Tuurnt ecosystem by incentivizing event creation and attendance. This will be accomplished by awarding tokens to users on a monthly basis.

This award driven business model would not only provide a new revenue stream for party host, but also make the currently burdensome process of storing crypto assets easier by integrating a social wallet into the Tuurnt app. On the other hand, it is very important for experienced professionals and new traders to find the best stock trading application that comes with useful analytics tools. In that sense, the beste aksje app lists the best trading app to buy and sell stocks anytime, anywhere.

The social wallet will also easily enable transactions between host, guest and friends, providing seamless transactions on the blockchain. Buying crypto like Bitcoin has become as easy as its transaction. There are even numerous apps that let you earn bitcoins very easily and quickly. bitcoin bank is one such application that acts as your personal financial advocate and provides the best trading result.


Tuurnt Overview


Total supply: 500 million TRT


Reward System

The two primary functions for TRT are to book paid or free events listed on Tuurnt and to send TRT to friends and other Tuurnt users. These two functions create a closed economy for the Tuurnt ecosystem and will ensure stability. In addition to the primary functions, TRT will be awarded to Tuurnt users based on our level system. The Tuurnt level system consists of two sub-categories, one for events hosts and the other for partygoers.

The event hosts/Partygoers subcategories are divided based on the number of feedbacks(ratings & reviews) that the host received and the number of events that the Partygoers attended.

The award system is as followed:

Event Host

The event hosts will be rewarded with bonus token TRT, each time they reach one of the four "Tuurnt Levels" milestones listed on the following graph. Each milestone is decided by a specific number of positive feedbacks(ratings & reviews) the host receives after an event is done. To be eligible for the award, the host must keep a general rating of 3 stars and above.


The Partygoers will be awarded TRT each time they attend an event. They have a "Tuurnt Level" milestones listed in the following diagram. Their milestones are reached based on the number of events they've attended. Basically, the more you attend events the more you get rewarded with TRT.

Tuurnt Jury

The Tuurnt jury will consist of 12 members of the community, people will be chosen between partygoers and hosts. The jurors are randomly selected on the blockchain, and they are rewarded with TRT each time they fulfill their jury duty.

Each juror will have to submit 1 vote out of the 12 ballot, a verdict is reached by the majority of 7 of the 12 members


Q1 2018

Whitepaper complete

Q2 2018

Token donation start

Q3 2018

Strategic partnerships announcement

Q4 2018

Tuurnt on the blockchain
Token integration on the live app on IOS & Android
TRT wallet integration on the live app on IOS & Android

Q1 2019

Tuurnt Suggestions integration Community Growth


Fabrice Mishiki

Founder & CEO

Umesh Sharma

Chief technical officer

Luke Devern

Head of Growth and Marketing

Ravi Gupta

Lead IOS Developer

Arpit Kaushik

PHP Developer

Aadarsh kumar

Lead Designer

Gympie Cortez

Head of Customer Service

Pietro Kabeya

Creative Director

Jwala Prasad

Lead Android Developer


Blockchain Engineer

Vikas Panwar

Blockchain Engineer

Melissa Paiz

Social Media Manager

Filip Boskov

Bounty Manager


Anthony Abunassar

Lead Advisor
Ex VP Goldman Sachs

Debra McCann

Vp of Sales at Small Cap Nation

Bogdan Fiedur

PayPie Blockchain Advisor

Zahid Imran

Marketing Advisor

Andrew Chung

EIPlatform Advisor

Daniel Kass

CryptoAds Advisor

Brian Condenanza Advisor

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Tuurnt Benefits

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Low commissions
on bookings and listings

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Decentralized peer to peer marketplace where hosts make additional income and partygoers find unique events

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Peer to Peer reviews for Hosts & Partygoers

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Verified Hosts & Partygoers

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